Temple Runners

Our first stop after Bangkok is Ayutthaya, which is well-known for its ancient temples. An old fashioned train with an amazing air conditioning system has brought us to our next destination for only 30 cents each!

Our ride through the green and never-ending fields was strategically interrupted from time to time by locals selling homemade food. Since we were still skeptical about street food we had prepared in advance, and we had bought some take away Pad Thai to fill our stomachs on the way.

Pad Thai is the “pizza” of Thailand. You can find it everywhere. It is made of rice noodles, eggs and vegetables. If you like you can choose between chicken or seafood, every version is delicious!

Temple time!

Ayutthaya has been so far my favourite city in Thailand. Maybe it is due to the difference with Bangkok, but I finally feel like being on holidays. We rented some bicycles to visit the numerous temple sites all over the town. The people are kind and friendly, and the ancient ruins are simply impressive.

After two days in Ayutthaya we have moved to Sukhothay, another city known for its temples. The difference between Ayutthaya is that here the temples are in the “outskirts” of the city: it is lovely to cycle in the countryside with the ruins all around you!

Food corner

Despite my recent arrival, I have already developed an obsession for a dessert called “mango sticky rice” , which of course is made of mango and a rice which namely sticks together.

Here there are the best mangoes I’ve ever eaten in my life. They literally melt on your tongue. But what makes this dessert even more special for me is that this amazing sweet mango is served with rice cooked in coconut milk (sticky rice). And I simply love coconutšŸ„„


Two Days in the Capital

We are finally on the go! I’m leaving for a nine-week backpack vacation through south-east Asia; I’ve been waiting so long for this moment that I almost felt disappointed to adapt so naturally to this Asian vibe.

After a one-day travel from Milan, Thomas and I have finally landed in Bangkok. The clearance process was super fast, in one-hour time we both had our visa ready and we were on the metro on our way to the hostel.

I liked Bangkok, it is a crazy chaotic jungle where concrete mixes with nature: there are plants growing everywhere, and the heat is unbearable due to the high humidity in the air. Bangkok is something very similar to one of these cities created in futuristic movies, where crowds of people constantly move everywhere without any rule for personal space, with carts selling street food at every corner and where skyscrapers mix with traditional houses and half ruined shelters.

We decided to leave the capital the soonest possible because we wanted to see the rural Thailand outside the city. We got a bit tired of the constant fight to get the best price for rides or to always look out for scammers. Apart from that, we also enjoyed our moments in the city!

This is the temple part of the Grand Palace. Here the Emerald Buddha is kept

If you want to catch the metro you have to queue on the sides as shown by the signs on the ground!

It is believed that constructing a building disturbs the spirits living in that place. Consequently, the owner of the house makes sure to place a little temple with offerings such as flowers or food to keep the spirits quiet.

The tuk tuk is an amazing way to move throughout the city, especially if you’re lucky enough to find a crazy driver that doesn’t care about common driving rules

Behind the Scenes

I am Diana. At the age of 17 I left my quite and tidy hometown, Piacenza (IT) , to start my first adventure alone: a six-month exchange study experience in Chile. Fun fact, I was not even able to speak Spanish! This was only the beginning. I had the chance to study in the Netherlands and to move to Dubai for a little while.

I love dining out, I never say no to a walk, but foremost, I have a passion for biological juices and shoes. Where I see myself in five years? Follow me and you will know it!


Why am I here?

Since I booked my flights for my travel to Asia I started thinking, how am I going to remember all this? That’s how the idea of the blog came. I consider this space the perfect combination to keep track of my experiences, to take time for myself and to share tops and tips with my friends and family. I believe that writing about the stuff you love it’s the best way to inspire and be inspired by the people around you.

Please, make yourself at home, if you have any suggestion just write down a comment!